Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Actual Diner

In my original first post of this blog, I mentioned the property tax records for the rumored location of the actual diner portrayed in Hopper's "Nighthawks" painting and how they made no reference to a diner ever being at the corner of Greenwich and Seventh. While creating the entries you see in this blog, I had secretly started working on another site last year that was a very detailed and researched follow on to that little tidbit. It was my intention to attempt to find out where the actual diner once stood (if it had ever existed at all) and perhaps get an actual photograph of the place that we are all so familiar with.

My site is still a work in progress and is located HERE. There is still much to do on the site, but so far it has been concluded that there was no diner at Mulry Square and that Hopper based many of his previous works off of combinations and fragments of other real scenes, and sometimes completely from his own imagination.

Within the last week, it has come to my attention that another popular blog titled "Jeremiah's Vanishing New York" has embarked on a 3 part series to find the location of the actual diner shown in the painting, just like I had secretly been doing. Jeremiah had gone through just about all of the painstaking research steps I had gone through and arrived at the same conclusions, BUT he took the research one step further and decided to check out additional corners along Greenwich to see if there was any that could be another possible location for the famed diner! Please take the time to read through these three entries and the "coda" finale to follow the fascinating progress that Jeremiah has made in this neverending quest!

Finding Nighthawks, Part 1
Finding Nighthawks, Part 2
Finding Nighthawks, Part 3
Finding Nighthawks, Coda

Please stay tuned both here and to Jeremiah's blog as I will update if there are any new improvements found, and Im sure that even though Jeremiah may have concluded his mission having not found any solid evidence, I think the door may still be open for further investigation if credible leads come out of hiding! Also, I will be making updates to my Diner site very soon, as I still have a lots more pictures to add!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


This one is from an unknown source and features an xray view of the people at the counter.

Pennies From Heaven

Steve Martin's movie "Pennies from Heaven" includes a number of scenes built on paintings and photographs from the Depression and post-war eras. This scene features Steve Martin (in the fedora) and Bernadette Peters (with her trademark hair) sitting at the diner.


I do now know what this one is titled, but it was done by worth1000.com user "akatatsu" and features cell phones at the diner with a teapot as the attendant. Neon bars outline the window.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Polit Dreams

This one is called "Boulevard of Polit Dreams". I dont know what is happening here but the patrons of the diner have been replaced with new people and there is a man standing outside looking in.


This one is called "X-Day". I do not remember where it comes from or who made it but there is a lot of violence happening here. There is a building on fire in the background and a dead person in the street. The diner is now called "Dobbs's Die Ner".

Uli Stein

This one is done by Uli Stein and has his name as the diners name. It has some cartoonish looking rats and a cat here. I believe this may be from a cartoon in another country.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Atlantic Monthly

This is the cover of the Atlantic Monthly "State of the Union" issue. It shows Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty at the diner.

Unter Leute

This one is by Rainer Trischel and is called "Unter Leute" which I have no idea what it means. The caption is in a foreign language as well. It shows one man at the diner talking to the attendant.


Another take on turning the diner into a Starbucks coffee shop. This one was donr by user "mattbach" on worth1000.com as part of a photoshop contest.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Truck Stop

I dont know where this one came from but it is title "Night Hawks At The Truck Stop". and features the diner as a truck stop named "Pitstop", with a semi truck outside.

Justice League

This one was part of a worth1000.com photoshop contest created by user "QTFan451". It has Superman and Wonder Woman at the diner.


Another take on converting the diner to a modern McDonalds. This time very simple, only having a sign and the attendant in a different uniform.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Unreal Tournament

This comes from a user created map for the first person shooter game "Unreal Tournament".


This one from a worth1000.com photoshop contest simply puts Darth Vader from Star Wars at the diner.


This photoshop brings the diner to the Titanic and names it the "Iceberg Bar". Characters from the Titanic movie are shown around the diner.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


This one is called "Nightsharks" and was done by worth1000.com user "kngdvd" as part of a photoshop contest. It features the diner as a more fun place to go and play pool and pinball.

Rest Stop

Found on flickr and created by user "bredlo". This work is titled "Rest Stop" and is part of a series with classic Airstream campers put into famous art works.

The Masters

An unknown remake, featuring unknown characters at the "Masters" diner. There is even a dog at the diner in this one.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Arschloch in Öl

This one was done by Walter Moers and is called "Arschloch in Öl". It has one of his signature characters at the counter with no guests at all.


I think this one comes from another comic but I am unsure. There are a bunch of stranger then normal looking guys at the counter. The attendants hair is quite interesting.

8th Grade

This version was done by Thomas Zegarelli. Basically it is a recreation of the diner with no people. I believe this was done for an art class.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Star Wars

Yet another version with a Star Wars theme. This one was done as part of a worth1000.com photoshop contest, user unknown. Yoda is outside and Chewbacca sits at the counter.


This quick drawing was done by Rainer Tritschel. I do not know where it comes from or what it was for.

Family Guy

Another version of Family Guy characters at the diner. This one is titled "Night Hacks" and was done bu user "Josho43" at wwwoworth1000.com as part of a photoshop contest.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This was done by Edgardo Garcia II and features superheroes instead of the normal customers. The diner is named "Mohameds" in this one.

More of Edgardo's work can be found here.

Foreign Comic

Another foreign cell from an unidentified comic book. A snowman has put what looks like a baseball bat through his head.

Night Time

THis one comes from user "Bennus" at worth100.com as part of a photoshop contest. IT has the "Jose Benito Escobar" diner with more patrons then usual.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I dont know where this one came from. It is a cartoon from another country.


This is a photoshop making the diner into a circus tent, now called "Er Filis".

Galactic Cafe

This is called "Galactic Cafe" and is another interpretation of how the diner would appear in space. This one was done by P.J. Johnston. There is a space shuttle outside and all the customers have space helmets on.

Monday, May 18, 2009


This one is a very humorous photoshop. The woman in red in now very fat and her man is now sitting very far away from her, obviously not attracted to her anymore!


I have no idea about this one. It has patrons at the "Subprime Diner" and is titled "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". It was evidently a political cartoon somewhere.


This is a postcard for somewhere in Massachusetts. The diner is featured as one of the corner restaurants allthough it is reversed.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sesame Street

Another version of the diner with characters from Sesame Street.


This is from some Italian comic that I can not identify. It tells a story involving the man and woman from the diner.

Family Guy

This was done by user "phillpsp" as a worth1000.com photoshop contest entry. It has the main cast of the popular cartoon "Family Guy" at the diner.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


This has characters from the "Wilde Gang" cartoon at the "Wilde Gang Bar & Grill".


This one shows the diner how it would be in the Arctic with polar bears and penguins!


This was created by user "radiodays" at photoshoptalent.com as part of a contest. It shows a more modern diner with a completely different backdrop.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Gelini Collection

This version has bears from the "Gelini Collection". This is evidently something popoular in Germany and has really colorful round bears as its characters. In this piece, they are at "Gelini's Bar".

More about the Gelini bears can be found here.


This is called NightBugs and was done by wworth1000.com user "robayer" as part of a photoshop contest. It has a few different creepy looking bugs sitting at the diner.


This one has all the characters from the Japanese anime show "Naruto" sitting at an Asian representation of the diner.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


This one has some famous monsters from movie history at the N. Bates diner (reference to the movie Psycho). It has Frankenstein, Freddy Krueger, Frankensteins bride and a mummy(?). It was done by T. Henseler.


This one is by Rob Schotsman and has some bears and cats at the diner.


This one as done by user rjwh67220 as a photoshop contest entry on www.worth1000.com. it has the diner in winter conditions with a christmas theme.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This is the cover of the book "Carol" by Patricia Highsmith. The art was done by Jane Harris.

Night Jerks

This one is from an unnamed source and has the characters from the popular newspaper comic strip "Dilbert", eating at "Wallys".


This is the cover of a CD by a band called "Nightwatch". The Album is titled "Songs We Almost Learned". The cover has the members of the band at the diner in place of the regular patrons.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Night Awks

Scott Gillis created this "80s punk" version titled "Night Awks".